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Home ownership is still very much a part of the American Dream. Everyone’s final destination is arriving home. Home and work are where people spend almost all of their time and employees are typically more likely to contribute valuable projects and ideas if they enjoy working at a company and also feel fulfilled in their lives outside of work. Dianne partners with companies to achieve this goal and reduce employee turnover by offering unique perks and providing personal growth. Everyone performs better when they feel successful and proud of themselves and home ownership is an earmark of that for most adults. 

New and established employees all receive a commission rebate of three thousand dollars upon closing the purchase or selling of their home. A check is cut directly to them straight from title.

For established employees, Dianne offers a custom approach to financial freedom, starting with homeownership. She listens and builds around what they tell her. Dianne works with employees to establish goals, set them up with one of her vetted lenders depending on those goals, and guides them to achieve the goal whether it is a three month plan or three year plan. 

To help onboarding of new employees moving from out of state, zoom meetings or ideally dinner meetings help to become acquainted. Understanding who they are, their family dynamics, getting them excited to move to Utah and guiding them to a neighborhood and community that is best suited for their hobbies. If they have a partner that will need to find a job here as well, my network of companies can assist in securing work so the family can move here with confidence.
Companies perform best when their employees remain steady and confident and capable. Dianne helps employees see that in themselves and your business will benefit from people who feel taken care of and are eager to take care of you in return.