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Dianne's mission is to make moving a rewarding experience for your employees.

Partner with her today and let your hardworking team members enjoy a substantial $3,000 commission rebate on the successful closing of their property transaction - an exclusive offer crafted just for your company.

Offering a homebuying benefit to your employees goes a long way for employee happiness, retention and general satisfaction. Being there for employees to support them in monetary and emotional ways during the largest financial decision of their lives will be rewarding and will help you build a reputation in the community that demonstrates how much you care about your employees in and out of the workplace.

My wife and I  moved to Utah from Denmark. For our first appointment, Dianne set up a Zoom meeting. We talked about budget and style and neighborhoods, but mostly we just chatted and got to know each other. We were so comfortable with her right off the bat. That meant a lot to us because we weren’t able to see our house in person before we bought it. We took facetime tours and just listened to Dianne’s advice. We have a quirky home style, but she totally got us and found us exactly what we wanted. Our house matches our energy perfectly. Honestly still can’t believe we were able to move halfway around the world and into such a perfect house. We’re forever grateful that we decided to trust Dianne with something so huge.
Niko George @ Director of Retail at Backcountry
When I started looking for my first place last fall I had my heart set on getting something completely turn-key. I was looking toward the top of my budget because the market is just so crazy right now. Dianne talked me down pretty fast. She explained that I probably shouldn’t push my finances to the limit for a mortgage and that I didn’t necessarily have to. We found a place that was $80,000 below the amount I was approved for! She has done a lot of remodels so she gave me referrals for subs and a ton of good advice. It is slowly but surely becoming the condo I always wanted. But here is what’s crazy. A week before I closed on the condo, my car was totaled. It had been paid off and I was not planning to replace it anytime soon. If I had bought at the top of my budget I wouldn’t have been able to get a loan to replace my it. I am so, so glad she cared more about what was best for me as a person than she did about making a big commission!
Sandra Aguilar @ International Flight Attendant at American Airlines
With Dianne as a real estate agent, moving to Utah was, simply put, a good time. She picked us up straight from our hotel and drove us around all day. We checked out new build sites in Wasatch and Summit County. She was basically our tour guide–we learned a ton about the history of Utah and how the different communities were developed. And she had a good chance to get to know us. We told her our background and she asked a lot of questions to figure us out and get a good read on us. We were a little hesitant when she wanted to show us a house that we had already ruled out, but she really encouraged us to give it a try, and thankfully we did. It’s the perfect place for us and we wouldn’t have even looked at it if she hadn’t matched us with it. Moving to a new state is daunting, but having a realtor that was an immediate friend, and who absolutely had our best interests at heart, gave me a ton of peace about taking a new job here. (She even babysat our cats for two weeks because closing was scheduled during our vacation!)
Patrick Dredden @ Sr. Vice President - Planning at Backcountry
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Dianne Swift

While it may not seem like an obvious comparison at first, Dianne Swift has said for years that being a realtor is exactly like being a parent. As a mother of three, she would know. The skills she has honed by raising her kids, such as quickly assessing communication styles, conflict resolution, personality awareness, and predicting human nature have proved essential as she has built her real estate career.

Dianne was born and raised in Los Angeles, where she became intimate with an array of architectural and design styles. She spent much of her adolescence touring the coastline of California, helping her father conduct environmental impact studies for commercial and residential structures.

When she moved to Utah in 2000, she realized that she had found her true home. She is an avid hiker, outdoorswoman, and she loves the state's friendly community vibes and being a part of the eclectic dynamic. She will set up a call or a dinner to introduce you to the area, get to know you and your lifestyle, and together come up with a plan to make Utah your home.

Dianne has a nearly unbelievable work ethic, pays remarkable attention to details, and is a calming presence in any situation. She works to make her clients feel comfortable and cared for and is uniquely suited for communicating and finalizing real estate deals. Her ability to read and understand people also means that she can find the perfect home—and the perfect community—for every client.

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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost me to partner with you?

It costs your company nothing. You email your roster of employees a flyer that Dianne has designed specifically for your company that details the employee benefit stipulating a commission rebate upon closing when they use her as their real estate agent. She also encourages them to reach out to her so she can help them set up a plan for their real estate goals however short or long term they may be. Dianne has examples of what other companies have used as templates and can send you them upon request.

How do my employees benefit from your services?

They benefit by being guided though one of the most important investments they will make with someone who genuinely cares about their stability and fulfillment. Dianne knows the market, knows the communities, knows the different lenders and what clientele they serve best, and she knows how emotionally taxing this process can be on a family and will be their constant voice of reason and encouragement. On top of all that, she gifts your employee a realtor commission rebate of $3,000 at closing.

How does my company benefit from your services?

Your company benefits from employees who feel that they are getting real benefits from working for you. Home ownership is a major checkbox in the average adult’s sense of accomplishment and confidence. With that confidence comes an employee who has the freedom to be more creative and produce for the company that helped them reach that accomplishment. Employees moving here from out of state will be aided in finding the neighborhood that best suits their lifestyle and hobbies, making them want to stay here and not leave their new found community. Employees that are happy and cared for in their personal life are employees who are productive and eager to work.

What resources do I need to create to market your services?

Dianne has all the technology to market for your company. You will only need to provide your company logo and Dianne will have it designed for you and work with your people to make sure every quarter all employees are reminded of their employee benefit when they work with Dianne.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch. We both benefit from the partnership. Dianne gets the pleasure of doing what she loves and aiding in the happiness and fulfillment of the growing communities of Utah. Your business gets to partner with a woman who genuinely loves all people from all walks of life and she will take care of your employees as one of her own.

How do I get in touch to partner?

You can call Dianne at 818-919-8218 or email her at dianne@dianneswift.com